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From the introduction:

"This dictionary contains about 4400 entries belonging to classical Greek, with simple usage examples taken mainly from the New Testament. When it was not possible to find such examples in the Bible – either because they couldn’t be found in sentences easy enough to be inserted in a dictionary intended for everybody, including beginners, or because the headwords of the dictionary were absent in Koinè Greek –, it was often necessary to rely on other sources, especially on classical writers and on the author’s imagination.
The choice of the headwords followed two criteria: 1) to include the most frequent words of classical Greek and 2) to help the comprehension of all the examples without requiring other reference books.
The headwords are usually followed by definitions, synonyms, antonyms and/or examples. However, in a few entries, such phrases are substituted by drawings, because sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
This dictionary provides a method to get familiar with ancient Greek vocabulary through definitions and examples, i.e. through signs that help the reader to recognize the right way in that labyrinthian tangle of inter-connected words that a language is."

The 4400 entries of this dictionary include, among others, the 1600 contained in the Vocabulaire de base du grec: alphabétique, fréquentiel, étymologique, by G. Cauquil and J.-Y. Guillaumin, which is claimed to allow the recognition of 85% of the words in Greek texts written in the 5th and 4th centuries b.c.

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